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Minnetonka remodeled house wins LEED Platinum certification

"Live Green Live Smart TM", a residential remodeling project in Minnetonka, MN  received the US Green Building Council'sTM highest certification level for residential Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignTM  (LEED). This is the first remodeled home to be certified Platinum by the USGBC. Live Green Live SmartTM  selected Roger Hankey as their home inspector and named Roger to their Board of Advisors.  The project followed the LEED  principles to remodel a 1948 vintage home.  The project has being videotaped and will likely become a TV show called "This Green House."  Roger  received a thank you letter from Peter Lytle, LGLS Executive Director, thanking him for his role in the project.

                    Roger Hankey inspecting at LiveGreenLiveSmart

Roger Hankey (red coat) inspecting at LiveGreenLiveSmart™ with lead contractor Keith Poets prior to the start of work on this Platinum award winning LEED project.

For more information on how to make your house "Green" read 16 Ways to Green Your Home.pdf from the US Green Building Council.

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